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May 21, 2023: A ministering messaage. Prayer: A Death experience & the lessons learned.

Dear family and friends. It has been a little bit since I last posted some words. I have felt many things to share, but until now, now of them seemed to be the right topics at the right time.

Below I will share a couple of videos talking about prayer and a Death experience. Why prayer? That is the vehicle that leads us to Christ and our Heavenly Father. We can be comforted and directed. We can share our innermost thoughts, desires, problems, hopes, and fears with our Heavenly Father. We can even express ingratitude, and doubts, and yell at Him, blame Him for our problems or losses. Especially losing a loved one. All without fear of retribution.

God wants you to pray

But, to help us feel His power and Love. Let us listen to some inspiring music about prayer.

Sweet Hour of Prayer

Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire

One more that is always so special. To hear the Children sing, music is a simple but so powerful expression of prayer. Especially when sung by children. Time and time again our Savior Jesus Christ expressed and demonstrated how much he love the children. They are so special to Him.

When my Father in Law passed away this was sung by the family. Including my wife's half-brother who we very rarely see due to the distance. of miles between us. There was such a special comforting loving spirit there.

A Childs Prayer

In the next very short video I don't know the author or what religion he is but, his message is so powerful. How many of us rush our prayers and never give our Heavenly Father an opportunity to answer us? Do we ask Him questions? Do we actually talk with Him or just to Him?

How to Talk with God, not to God!

This sister duet sounds so beautiful. A tremendous spirit as they offer a prayer of music to our Heavenly Father. I know you will be uplifted and edifies by hearing their voices.

The Prayer

Nearer my God to Thee

We invite you to endure just a little longer. Take a break, and get a drink. Go for a short walk. come back and listen to the following story. This dear brother was dead for 1 -1/2 hours and was brain-dead for 3 days. Listen to his experiences. The guide he met and later learned who this guide was.

It reminds me of when my dear Daughter passed. She had many experiences with an ancestor who stayed around her for several months. She saw him several times. A friend of hers saw him while giving a talk in a sacrament meeting. She asked my daughter who was that man holding your head while I was giving my talk? She then described to my daughter what he looked like. My daughter said she had seen him several times also. She described him to me and I found a picture of I think he would be her 6th great grandfather and it was him. Our family members are so involved in our lives.

The Light after Death. 10 Lessons from a Death Experience

Prayer is the Soul's Sincere Desire

We again invite you to listen to our beloved prophet in this short video. Such a special man and a wonderful message.

Mens Hearts Shall Fail Them

I guess this is my signature song. i have to share it over and over. This is the Christ. I testify HE is the Christ, the Son of God. He loves you !!!!!!

As do Debbie and I.

This is the Christ

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

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