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June 14. 2021: A ministering message: Famine, Shortages are we prepared

A good friend sent me the following video early this am. It is a subject we should all be familiar with. We do live in perilous times. The Lord through his prophets has warned us for many many years to prepare for hard times.

I encourage you to take time and study the Lord's words as given through his prophets. We are in the last of the last days. Prophecy tells us of so many hardships that are soon to arrive. Did we learn any lessons from the Covid 19 test? Were there shortages? Food, Toilet paper, so many other things. Did you go without things that you felt you needed? Have you done anything to correct your situation? Perhaps this video will be of assistance.

Helena Kleinlein - Feast or Famine? The Coming Food Shortages (Lakeview Fireside) Back by popular demand, Helena Kleinlein recently gave her well-researched presentation at a Lakeview, Orem Preparedness Fireside. IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: Have our leaders been warning us that storing food and water will be critical in the future? Could there be active agendas that could perhaps affect all of us locally or globally? How can we prepare better? The future is here, and drought and plagues look to be on the horizon. This Fireside will present well-researched facts about what is going on locally and globally and how these things could impact food availability. We are in a perfect storm for serious food shortages. Presentation 42 minutes by Helena Kleinlein Latter-Day Media SHOW LESS

I testify that if we heed the words of the prophets we shall not fear because we will be prepared.

You are all in our prayers. And along with our Heavenly Parents and the Lord Jesus Christ. We love each of you.

Debbie and Steven Larsen.

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