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July 31, 2022: A Ministering Message:Last Days Prophecies. Punishment or Opportunities

Our Dear Family and Friends and some we just barely know. As I try to sit comfortably while convalescing from surgery on Friday. (Hemroidectomy) I've had a very strong impression most of the day to write in here a little bit. For a few minutes the brain fog has cleared so here I am.

As I contemplate the challenges, the tests, the hard things that we all will yet experience. And as I struggle with this recovery it brings to mind my Beautiful daughter Brittany and her battle with ALS.

I need to revise this I just spoke with my grandaughter Brittanys oldest she was about 17 at the time. Makaela Brittany's oldest had wheeled her into the bathroom and helped her get onto the toilet. She came back in to get her off. But trying to lift her mother who was just dead weight was too much for her. She dropped her to the floor and could not get her up . She left the room and Britany prayed a "mighty" prayer and asked for help. Her leg was bent beneath her and she knew she couldn't stay in that position. She knew she couldn't sit there until someone could get home to help. So she did what we all will be doing more and more. She Prayed. At one point she said out loud. "Ok, ladies you will have to lift me up" She saw a bright light and she was gently placed back into her wheelchair with Makaela and the angels helping her. This was so traumatic for her daughters. It wasn't until later that Brittany shared with Makaela how she got back into the wheelchair. Makaela has since put herself through school while working and is now an RN. Her younger sister Alyssa has been working as a CNA and has such a soft heart for all her patients. We are so proud of both of them. And they are now both married. And we love them with all our hearts

As I experience the pain from this surgery I can't help but think of her. Of her bravery and her faith how she became closer and closer to Jesus Christ through this great trial, and yet it was an opportunity for her. As we have heard from the writings of many of the hand cart saints what they went through was so horrible. But, they came. to know Jesus Christ personally. By the time Britt passed she was mostly at peace. It was a miraculous time she left into the arms of Jesus Christ!

Isn't that what we are being asked to do? Get to know him personally? Is not this what President Nelson keeps telling something to the effect of that In the days ahead if we are not receiving revelation direcltly from the Lord we will not survive? Of course, this is paraphrased.

Please enjoy a couple of music videos to help you feel the spirit stronger then watch 2 videos which are a combination of excerpts from talks from our prophets and apostles.

All to give you and I food for thought.

Oh Lord, My Redeemer. About 5 minutes

I feel My Savior's Love. About 4 minutes

We can expect Abrahamic tests. About 18 minutes

Wheat tares and ravenous wolves. About 40 minutes

We ask. What changes do you and I yet need to make in our lives to become spiritually prepared for these times that have already begun? We encourage you to find the Savior Jesus Christ Personally. We are taught how in His holy temples.

We love each of you. We pray for you. Let the challenges and tests that you have now and in the future become wonderful opportunities to get to know the Savior, receive help from angels, witness, and perform many mighty miracles. In short, become a Zion resident.

May the good Lord's choicest blessings be with each of you.

Even in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen

This is the Christ. About 5 minutes

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