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July 25, 2021: A Ministering Message: Power in the Priesthood

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

It's a beautiful sabbath evening. We do hope and pray that each of you is happy and well. Today I had the great blessing to visit some members of the ward and then a wonderful surprise when one of my Granddaughters and her boyfriend stopped by to visit.

I was asked to assist in giving a couple of priesthood blessings today. It was a wonderful experience. It has caused me to think more deeply since the need of obtaining priesthood power is becoming more and more important.

Will things in the world change fast and much more drastic that we will need to rely on the priesthood more and more. For blessings of comfort and health as we do now. For blessings of healing, to stabilize physical and emotional problems when no more medicines are available? To control the weather? To protect us from gangs, or foreign armies? Does it sound like I'm being an alarmist? Perhaps, but my understanding as small as it is of the prophecies of the events of the last days prior to the Second Coming. Seem to indicated that there will be many monumental challenges for each of us. Will we be able to control these events?

Who will we turn to for help? Perhaps this is the reason we have been warned and forewarned by the prophets of God for so many years. Have we listened? Are we working on our food storage and all involved with it? Are we developing that personal relationship with Jesus Christ as our Prophet keeps asking us to do?

Do we feel we can call on the ministering of angels for literal assistance? Have we had the need to temporarily control the weather? Have had the need to bless an inanimate object such as a vehicle to allow it to run? Have we been able to offer a "command" for someone to live until proper medical help could be reached?

Many of us have the Authority of the Priesthood but, have we obtained the Power in the Priesthood.

We invite you to listen to the following compilation put together of quotes from our leaders concerning Power in the Priesthood.

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