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July 15 2022: A ministering Message A terrestrial life and Jesus Christ

Dear family and friends, A little over a year ago I posted some of the following. I felt impressed to share some of the earlier posts with additional things written. . I pray that you will feel the spirit as you take time to read and listen and watch. I hope that your heart will open to the whisperings of the spirit.

I hope and pray that this ministering message finds each of you healthy and happy. I often hear that the Tongan people are the happiest people on earth. Yet, I can’t help but think each of us should be that way also. Why? We have our families, we have the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We know of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and we know how this earthly experience will end. Not death, but the eternal outcome for all mankind. And most of all we all know and feel the Love of Jesus Christ. Even when we have periods of time that the Heavens seem close. That love is there waiting for us to open our hearts to receive it.

No matter what is going on in our lives. If we can stay focused on Jesus Christ, and the gathering of Zion the Lord will be with us. And, as we transition to a Terrestial state the following questions may need to be pondered and asked of the spirit.

Following is a quote from Jodi Flesher Stoddard. Used with permission

"As small children, we are taught to obey our mommy and daddy, share our toys and clean up our messes. When we become adults, we no longer have to ask our mommy and daddy to ask if we can go to a friend's house, and they are no longer around to tell us to clean our room. Hopefully, we have taken those smaller lessons and become more autonomous. Even as we advanced into our teenage years, we likely saw more freedom given to us by our parents as we demonstrated common sense and responsibility.

Now, translate those life lessons into an eternal perspective.

ASK - what will Millennial Translated Terrestrial beings be doing? How will the trust the Lord has in us allow our horizons to be broadened, and our freedoms to be expanded?

If we are not struggling with the intensity of opposition that we have experienced here on this sphere overrun by satan and his minions; if food is provided with little effort on our part (if we even choose to eat it, since it will not be necessary); if the process of decay is all but gone, and moth and rust no longer corrupt and destroy; if our children are safe to roam and grow to their heart's content in a world free of danger; WHAT WILL WE BE DOING?

What will our diligent preparations from this telestial life of learning to serve and obey, living the law of consecration of our own accord, WHAT WILL THAT HAVE PREPARED US TO DO IN AN ALMOST PERFECT WORLD free of opposition???

Like a teenager leaving home with full autonomy AND the full and earned trust of our Heavenly Parents which landed us in a Millennial Terrestrial World.....

what will we be doing?

Temple work, building beautiful edifices, creating gardens, missionary work in the spirit world, and raising children. (those are the things we have been told)

But with increased freedom, and less opposition (like no pain, unlimited time and resources), and in consideration that every teenager handles freedom with varying degrees of focus and intent - I can't help but wonder how we will embrace that newfound freedom, what will the NEW guidelines and 'Constitution' of that level of existence will be, and how IN that new normal, will WE live up to the measure of our creation?

What are some things YOU see yourself as doing? We are at the threshold of crossing into that realm....." Jodi Flesher Stoddard

Back in 1965 there was a radio personality named Paul Harvey who put out one of his clips.

“If I were the Devil"

I find it interesting how much more this applies to the things happening in our country and throughout the world now, compared to then.

My thoughts seem to be turned to our Savior Jesus Christ more and more. I feel that I do not include him enough in my life, even on Sundays. The world seems to sneak in way too much. Especially during the week.

Perhaps a couple of songs will help to set the spiritual tone for us.

In the Book of Mormon 2 Nephi 25:26 we read:

"And we talk of Christ, we rejoice in Christ, we preach of Christ, we prophesy of Christ, and we write according to our prophecies, that our children may know to what source they may look for a remission of their sins"

I Invite and encourage you to find some time during the next week to listen to the following two talks. With a beautiful hymn “Jesus, Savior, Pilot Me” sandwiched in between. I promise they will help you to feel closer to your Savior.

We talk of Christ

Jesus Savior Pilot Me

“My brothers and sisters, I plead with you to make time for the Lord! Make your own spiritual foundation firm and able to stand the test of time by doing those things that allow the Holy Ghost to be with you always.” Nothing invites the Spirit more than fixing one's focus on Jesus Christ.Oct 3, 2021

And then when you can find just a little more quiet time I invite you to listen to the words of our Prophet.

I testify that He does live. It was His Atonement. This is His Church. He did create this Earth. He is our Savior and our Redeemer. He loves each one of you. No matter who you are, what you believe, whether you are a perfect person or a sinner like myself weak in the frailities and temptations of this mortal existence. He loves you and wants nothing more than for you to hear Him calling you to let Him into your life.

I these things I do testify in his Holy name.

Even, Jesus the Christ.

We love each of you and pray for you continually.

Steve and Debbie Larsen

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