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April 23, 2012 Liberty or /Socialism Part 2

Updated: May 2, 2021

My Dear Family and Friends.

I feel an overwhelming feeling that I need to write some more concerning the global takeover of the world with Socialism and Communism. As we learned in my last post the way to take control of our government and the people of the United States is by continual race issues between Whites and especially Our Black brothers and sisters. Do we not see this in full motion now more than any other time in our history. We are losing control of peace in this country. We are losing control of our government because of hatred between races. Remember, communism teaches its disciples that they must hate: Hate especially their parents and Christianity.

Here is a short 7-minute talk of President David O. McKay. As he exposes the satanic plan of Satan and his chosen vessel at that time. Karl Marx.

I invite you to now watch a couple of short video excerpts from talks by Ezra Taft Benson.

This clip is part of a larger talk The full talk is available at

This clip is part of a larger talk The full talk is available at

I now invite you to watch this speech given by Eldridge Cleaver a former founding member of the Black Panthers. His conversion from Communism to Christianity. This is totally worth the time to listen to his remarks. They were given in 1981 at a BYU Freedom Festival Speech.

As time permits I invite you to come back to this post and feel your soul with patriotic music sung by the Tabernacle Choir. There is about half an hour worth of inspiring music about our God and Christ and this special country they inspired to be formed.

I testify that we live in the greatest country on this earth. It was founded by individuals seeking a better life. Trying to escape the tyranny of governments designed to better the lives of the nobles and wealthy .. Unbearable taxes, most decisions were made by their various governments. Please do all you can to fight this satanic plot to take away the Liberties given to us by God himself.

Go back and study the Book of Mormon. Especially Alma through Moroni they tell us what is happening in our country right now. The socialistic and communistic push to take away our liberties. How many of these liberties have we lost just from the 9-11 destruction and the current pandemic. Can you see the pattern of members of our government elected officials (I have a hard time calling them leaders. For leaders they are not) taking advantage of the turmoil and the fear-mongering to gain more and more control over our lives. How many of you lost your job because everything was shut down or services greatly reduced. How many people lose their livelihood just from the pen of a president. It doesn’t matter which party. Decisions are made to take away our liberties. Like an onion peeling one layer at a time.

I testify that Satan no longer tries to hide his motives and purpose. He is in outright open rebellion against the God of this land, even Jesus the Christ. He has set in motion a movement to destroy our families, shake the testimonies of many, destroy our constitution and so much more.

But, I testify the Jesus the God of this earth will yet reign. He will return in great power and glory. Satan will be banned and righteousness will yet reign on the earth. Are we going to be part of the people living our lives worthily to meet the Savior? Or are we going to succumb to this satanic movement and just go with the flow?

He lives. He is the Christ. He worked through His atonement for you and me. He loves each of you. He wants to help you no matter what you are experiencing in your life. He is Jesus the only begotten of the father. He gave his life for us. He was resurrected for us. He is the advocate of the father. Only through Him may we return to live with the Father. I love Him. I’m grateful for Him. I’m saddened when I make mistakes and feel and wonder how much of his blood did He spill for my mistakes? I’m grateful for Him. I thankful He created this great country. I pray we will all rise up and serve Him.

I love each of you. As does He and our Heavenly Parents. May His blessings be with each of you. I pray that something in this message will touch your hearts and give you peace and hope. For bright is our future. Even with the rough spots.

In the name of Jesus Christ.

Steven & Debbie Larsen

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