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April 10, 2021 A Ministering Message: Come Unto Christ

Updated: May 2, 2021

Dear Family and Friends

I hope that each of you enjoyed the messages and spirit felt with General Conference this past weekend. And with the special spirit that Easter brings. Up until about an hour ago I did not know if I was to continue to write these ministering messages. Why the Lord has asked me to do this I do not know. But, I guess if nothing else he is teaching me how to “Hear Him” better.

I invite you to find a few minutes of time. A time where you can relax and let the spirit guide you and teach you. Some of the music I know has been used before. But that is the direction I feel. I pray your hearts will be open to the messages that follow.

Come Thou Fount

The church produced a video about the life of Christ from the garden to the resurrection. I testify that he has risen. He lives. He worked out His Atonement and willfully gave his life for us. How many precious drops of blood was spilled for my sins? It’s hurts my heart when I reflect on the suffering that I have caused him. But I am trying to get better.

He is Risen

Again that sweet young girl Claire Crosby sings her heart out at an earlier age about our Savior Jesus Christ.

Peace in Christ

In the Book of Mormon we are blessed with some very powerful counsel. And a very special invitation to “Come Unto Christ”

Moroni invites all to Come unto Christ

Again another song that I believe has been included the last few times. But such a sweet spirit with her voice as she testifies of Jesus.

Come unto Christ

And then an emotional 3 minute talk by Elder Holland

Elder Holland

We love each of you and pray for you. We ask that the good Lords blessing be with each of you and your families. He loves you. He our Heavenly Father hears each and every one of your prayers. I invite you to spend time with him. I invite you to spend time reading his words.

God bless each of you

Steve and Debbie Larsen

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