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August-8-2021: A Ministering Message: Ministering what are we to do?

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

We hope that this messages finds each of you doing well and filled with joy and happiness.

Recently I was in an Elders Quorum Presidency Meeting. "We were discussing the need for Ministering Brothers to especially care for the single sisters and their families. All kinds of ideas were kicked around. Do we just have the Elders go with their wives as companions? Do we put more of the single sisters with the few Elders who consistently minister to their families? What do we do? As we discussed this I posed the thought of what are the Saviors Way as described in the Handbook.

Ever since Covid has come on the scene, fewer and fewer efforts are being made to minister. WHY? Is this part of the test? Is this part of letting the Tares fully ripen with the Wheat before the Lord allows his angels to destroy the tares from amidst the wheat? Are we wheat or a tare? The Lord has made the ministering program so easy there is absolutely no excuse that anyone could have, to not minister to those assigned. Yet alone, to so many others that I know, the Lord gives us the impression to minister to.

Before I write anything else I would invite you to read this short story below. This is why the picture is shown above. As you read I would invite you to open your heart and let the Holy Spirit teach you and soften your heart. Ponder on what he says, do you look at your assignments and the covenants you have made a little different?

Author unknown at least to me.

The boy put his clothes for the cold and told his father: "Ok dad I'm ready" His Dad, the pastor, said: "Ready for what?" "Dad, it's time to go outside and distribute our flyers." Dad replied: "Son, it's very cold outside and it's drizzling." The child looked surprised at his father and said: "But dad, people need to know about God even on rainy days." Dad replied, "Son, I'm not going outside in this weather." With despair, the child said: "Dad, can I go alone? Please!" His father waited for a moment and then said: "Son, you can go. Here's the flyers, be careful." "Thank you dad!" And with this, the son went out into the rain. The 11-Year-old walked all the streets of the village, handing out the flyers to the people he saw. After 2 hours walking in the rain and in the cold and with his last flyer in his hand, he stopped in a corner to see if he saw someone to give the flyer too, but the streets were totally deserted. Then he turned to the first house he saw, walked to the front door, touched the bell several times and waited, but no one came out. Finally the boy turned to leave, but something stopped him. The child turned back to the door and began to touch the bell and pound the door strongly with his knuckles. He kept waiting. Finally the door was opened gently. A lady came out with a very sad look and gently asked: "What can I do for you, son? With radiant eyes and a bright smile the child said: "Lady, I'm sorry if I upset you, but I just want to tell you that God really loves you and that I came to give you my last flyer, which talks about God and His great love The boy then gave her the flyer. She just said, "Thank you, son, God bless you!" Well, next Sunday morning, the pastor was in the pulpit and when the service began he asked: "Someone has a testimony or something they want to share?" Gently, in the back row of the church, an older lady stood up. When she started talking, a radiant and glorious look sprouted from her eyes: "Nobody in this church knows me. I have never been here, even last Sunday I was not Christian. My husband died a while ago leaving me totally alone in this world. Last Sunday was a particularly cold and rainy day, and it was also in my heart; that on that day I came to the end of the road, since I had no hope and didn't want to live anymore. Then I took a chair and a rope and went up to the attic of my house. I tied and one end of the rope to the rafters of the roof; then I climbed onto the chair and put the other end of the rope around my neck. I then stood on the chair, so alone and heartbroken, I was about to throw myself off the chair, when suddenly I heard the loud sound of the door being knocked. So I thought: "I'll wait for a minute and whoever it is will go" I waited and waited, but the door knocking was getting louder and louder every time. It got so loud that I couldn't ignore it anymore. So I wondered, who could it be? No one ever comes close to my door or come to visit me! I released the rope from my neck and went to the door, while the bell was still ringing and the door was still being knocked on. When I opened the door, I couldn't believe what my eyes saw, in front of my door was the most radiant and angelic child I've ever seen. He's smile, ohhh, I can never describe it! The words that came out of his mouth made my heart, dead so long ago, come back to life, when he said with the VOICE OF CHERUB: "Lady, I just want to tell you that God really loves you" "When the little angel disappeared between the cold and the rain, I closed my door and read every word of the flyer. Then I went to the attic to remove the chair and rope. I didn't need them anymore. As you see. Now I am a happy daughter of the King. As the direction of the boy, when he left, was to this church, I came personally say thank you to that little angel of God who came just in time and, in fact, to rescue my life from an eternity in hell. And replaced it with an eternity in God's presence. " Everyone cried in the church. The Pastor came down from the pulpit to the first bench of the front, where the little angel was sitting; he took his son in his arms and cried uncontrollably. - - - Don't let this message die of cold; after reading it, pass it on to others. Remember, God's message can make a big difference in someone's life, never be afraid to spread it. End of story

We never know when we might save someone, not only from ending their life but even ending their eternal progress. Many especially now are lonely, don't feel welcome in their homes, neighborhoods, at church.

Many do not live up to the ideals we think of as perfect molly Mormons. Do you? Are we too quick to judge our neighbors? Do we believe in the covenants we made at baptism? In the Temple? Are we seeking Jesus Christ daily in our lives? The following is taken from the church's website.

This Is Ministering

“Therefore they did watch over their people, and did nourish them with things pertaining to righteousness.” —Mosiah 23:18

What Is Ministering?

Ministering is learning of and attending to others’ needs. It is doing the Lord’s work. When we minister, we are representing Jesus Christ and acting as His agents to watch over, lift, and strengthen those around us.

As members, we may determine through communication and inspiration the frequency and type of contact we will have with those to whom we minister. This customized contact will help us minister effectively and counsel quarterly with leaders regarding the needs of the individuals and families in our care.

What Can I Do?

The ways in which we can love and minister to one another are limitless. Every child of God is unique; therefore, effective ministering must be highly individualized and led by the Spirit. What works for one may not work for another. Leaders have encouraged Church members to begin ministering with prayer, keep it simple, and learn what works best for those they are called to serve. Ministering today no longer requires a formal visit. Interaction can take place at home, at church, or in any setting that is safe and convenient.

Sister Jean B. Bingham said, “Sometimes we think we have to do something grand and heroic to ‘count’ as serving our neighbors. Yet simple acts of service can have profound effects on others—as well as on ourselves.”

In our ministering efforts, we can take advantage of the many tools at our disposal. As Elder D. Todd Christofferson said, “We have many means of contacting people to look after their welfare and help them on this path of returning to their Father in Heaven. … What works? What’s needed?”

As we commit to being flexible and then prayerfully consider how to best love and serve others, we will be blessed with the inspiration and knowledge we need to minister as the Savior did.

What Should I Know?

Each household in the ward or branch will have ministering brothers—priesthood brethren—to minister to and care for the individual or family. Every adult sister will have ministering sisters—members of the Relief Society and possibly the Young Women as well—to minister to and care for her.

Ministering assignments will be provided by leaders, who will meet with ministering brothers and sisters—preferably as companionships—to counsel about the strengths, needs, and challenges of those to whom they minister.

How Do I Start?

  1. Make contact with those to whom you have been assigned to minister. This can be done in a variety of ways. Reach out to them in person; by phone, text message, or social media; or even with a letter.

  2. Get to know them. Learn about their lives, relationships, and circumstances. By doing so, you’ll be able to anticipate their needs and either meet those needs yourself or call on your ward leadership to access additional resources.

  3. Become a friend by letting them know that you care. Make the effort to be the kind of friend that they need.

  4. Pray for them and for guidance. Nobody knows the needs of those you are assigned to minister to better than Heavenly Father. Seek His help and pray for inspiration to serve them in the best way—His way. Finding inspired answers to questions you have and using all available methods for making contact are key to inspired ministering.

  5. Minister to them in ways that are individualized and customized to fit their needs.

  6. Maintain the relationship. Life can change quickly for people. Regularly touch base with those to whom you minister, and you’ll be better prepared to help and serve them when needs arise.

Elder Holland APPROX 15 MINUTES

End of Church web site information

Our dear family and friends. Could even this simple message be considered ministering?

Do you say you don't have a companion to go with you? I testify that you do. Other than my son and my father when I was his companion, I have never had a companion that would go with me to make visits. What did I do? I went anyways. In all my life there was hardly ever a time when I didn't make contact with a family. That's back in the old days of Home Teaching.

You say that some people don't want you to come. They won't let me in their house. If I get in they do not want me to talk about the gospel or the church.

I have yet to find a home that within a few tries I wasn't invited in. They are always grateful that I would come, they themselves usually within the first visit or two would bring up the church or the gospel. All and I mean all would always let me leave with a word of prayer.

Now I have a great need for constant repentance in my Life. I tell you my experiences just to show you that if someone even as I can have success then so can you. Why was I successful?

Simply I believe because I tried. I made the effort. I asked the Lord to soften my heart and let me learn how to love them. I did my best to not judge them or their circumstances. We are all at different levels in the gospel.

But most importantly and I say this is for everyone if you will let HIM He will be your companion. I always tried to take the Lord as my companion. I was trying to do his work. He (and the Holy Spirit) will help you make contact, get in their homes, learn how to love them, learn how to become a friend.

Did I expect to get them to come to church? Nope, never did. I just wanted to be a friend that they could trust and know that I and the Lord loved them. Over the years, many have found their way back into the gospel. And many have not. I still love them for who they are.

We testify that Jesus is the Christ. This is his church. He oh so much wants to help each of us. Love your family. Love one another. Sacrifice just a little bit of your time and energy. If nothing else send a text message, make a phone call, become courageous and make a visit. Look for opportunities to serve to minister.

We are led by a living prophet. He will lead us to Christ. That is his job, not to get involved in politics unless they lead us away from Christ. He and the Lord want us to think for ourselves and to go to him for direction. Feast upon His words, serve others, pray for guidance. Your Heavenly Parents and the Savior Jesus Christ long to have conversations with you. Remove the unbelief in your hearts and great and mighty miracles will come to you and you will witness in others.

We love you. You are in our prayers. Look to God and Live!!! Of these things, we do testify in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Debbie and Steven Larsen

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