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3-5-2021 A ministering message:

Dear Family and Friends,

Today the impressions I feel are towards a different direction. Perhaps because I and my family have experienced this subject several times over the past few years. Perhaps there is one of you that needs to hear the spoken word, or music to help you deal with this subject. Death and what do we have to look forward to on theater side?

To start with I invite you to listen again this week to Claire Crosby sing.

Now when you have about 4 minutes listen to this mother describe how the miracle of death took their little girl and how the spirit helped them through it.

Again I invite you to find about 50 minutes and hear an excellent talk by Brent L. Top.

“What is this thing we call Death?”

A short musical video about Jesus Christ and the spirit world.

And now I Invite you to listen to our Russel M. Nelsons talk

“Doors of Death”

And finally in closing “He is Risen” Bible Videos from the Church

Like I mentioned earlier I’m not sure why this subject and especially this week. I would have thought probably better around Easter. But again I am striving hard to learn how to “Hear Him”.

We love each of you and pray for each of you. I testify that because of The Atonement of Jesus Christ and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ we all will live through the eternities. He loves each of you and desires for all of us to return to Him and the Father. Even in his sacred name, Jesus the Christ. Amen

Steve and Debbie Larsen

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