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July 24, 2022: A ministering message: Pioneers of Yesterday and Today

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Happy Pioneer Day. We pray and hope that these messages find each of our family, friends, and acquaintances happy, healthy, and filled with the love of Christ. Today July 24th is Pioneer Day in the state of Utah. It is the Day that the early Mormon pioneers reached the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.

Yesterday Debbie and I and her mother, visited our son and his wife and little man (our grandson). They went to the mountains east of where they live in a small old pioneer town of Axtell, Utah. We spend the afternoon with them, then traveled a quarter mile or so where the Axtel Ward (community) had gathered to celebrate Pioneer Day. Great food, an auction to raise money for the youth and so fun just to watch all mingle and laugh and enjoy themselves. Fun to hear some of the histories of this yearly gathering for at least 40 years and still running. Such a great tradition and to see the posterity of so many original pioneers. It caused me to reflect on the many original pioneers to that I am related. How grateful for their determination, faith, and belief in our Heavenly Father, and Jesus Christ. And their testimonies of the Prophet Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

Many a story there is of the trials these early saints went through to get to this desert valley of Salt Lake. Much has been written of the faith-promoting experiences, as some pioneers told later. Paraphrasing (It was because of the extremities and difficulties that we went through, would not change it a bit. We came to know personally Jesus Christ.)

Please enjoy this rendition of "Come Come Ye Saints"

Come Come Ye Saints. Bonner Family about 3-1/2 minutes long

It is fascinating to hear how William Clayton ended up writing this song. I invite you to spend just a few minutes watching this documentary.

Documentary about William Clayton and the writing of this hymn Come Come Ye Saints about 12 minutes long

Were there lessons learned? What kind of obstacles, and tests (opportunities) did they have? How much did they sacrifice to come to Zion? Remember, most had migrated from Europe, and were living the city life. Had never sailed on a boat and crossed an ocean. Survived persecution, people trying to (exterminate) them. Force them to leave their homes and property with just the clothes on their backs. Wade through much misery with illness, and death. Why? Why? Why would they do it?

Lessons from the Latter-day Saint Pioneer Trek about 6 minutes long

A few years ago Sissel was the featured artist at a Summer concert honoring the pioneers put on by the church. I pray that you will truly feel the spirit as you listen to the words, feel the music, and let the spirit teach you. Listen closely, then when you have time go back and read many of the comments from the YouTube followers

Slow Down Sissel

Now I invite you to watch this video made by Pres. Gordon B. Hinkley. It is special!

Faith in Every Footstep Pres Hinkley is about 16 minutes long

Again why? Why would anyone go through so much to become and remain a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?

Is it because they paid the price required by each of us. Today, we especially our youth and children are a new type of Pioneer. We have tests and challenges that supersede all that the early pioneers went through. They pretty much knew who meant to cause them harm. Now, it is an unseen power of darkness. Unleashed in all its furry.

Many are falling prey to this Develish power. As forewarned by Prophets this "Evil combination has taken control of most governments on the earth. With an evil design to force all to live a communistic society. Yes, it is the devilish mock-up of the Law of Consecration. Socialism is being taught in all our public schools, probably all universities. Our government is promoting it at every opportunity.

We are bombarded with images, music, plays, and sporting event. Church callings, (can we be so involved in our callings that we actually neglect our family duties?) hunting, camping fishing, so many many mostly "good" activities. That we don't see how little by little the adversary is stripping away our dependencies on Jesus Christ, to where we depend only to have fun, always work, always play.

Rarely spend time with our families, studying scripters, praying, testifying, attending the temple, sacrament meetings, priesthood and relief society meetings, etc. serving others and each other, and more importantly. Spend time with Jesus Christ! Are we paying the price like the early saints to get to know HIM? So far the sacrifices He has asked of us seem so small and simple. But, because of that for most of us, it is really hard.

Can we escape the temptations of this world? Do we keep getting sucked back into bad habits, and addictions (not just drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or pornography). Are we willfully rebelling against our Heaven Father and Jesus Christ? Or is the weakness of the flesh keep calling us back? How can we escape when we are so broken?

Are we not each pioneers in this world of Darkness? Seeking for the Light of Christ and his love. I would think our "Search to go out west to find relief" is found in each of our own hearts and homes. We must become Holy People. We must become Zion in our hearts, minds, and homes.

Broken & Beautiful Callie Reed. about 4 minutes long

Please, please, please take time to view this video produced by the Church. Let the power of this message sink deep into your soul. We are all broken, the biggest question is Are we in rebellion with God and His Christ? Or all we broke by the frailties of mortality. Do we still desire no matter how often we fail to have that personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

Let God Guide You: From Weakness to Strength About 6 minutes long

This is The Christ (performed by Calee Reed and Stephen Nelson)

We testify that He Jesus Christ is our Savior our redeemer our advocate with the Father. The only name under Heaven that can lead us back to our Heavenly Parents. HE and they live. We have living prophets. They are mere mortals like us, yes they can make mistakes. Not in rebellion but in the frailties of being human. Are we justified in judging them and basing our relationship with God on any mistakes they might make? WHAT ABOUT OUR MISTAKES? Are not they the most important to worry about?

We plead with you and us (especially me!). Come unto Christ, listen to the prophets they will lead you to Christ. It is not their calling to tell you everything to do in your life. They plead for us to get to know Christ. How it's so simple. Listen to each and every prompting of the Holy Spirit and then OBEY. The more we listen and obey, the greater the knowledge will come. Until we are then introduced to our elder brother even Jesus the Christ.

We love each of you. May the Lord's choicest blessing be with each of you.

And if you are filled with the spirit, not from anything I have written, but by the videos and music and testifying of the Holy Ghost. Then please enjoy one more music video.

When you believe BYU Noteworthy women chorus about 5 minutes long

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