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October 24, 2021 A Ministering Message: Challenging times that we live in. What do we do?

Dear family and friends. It has been awhile since I have felt an impression to add to this blog. I hope and pray that each of you are doing well. Are filled with happiness and joy. Just knowing that God the Father Lives. Jesus is the Christ and they love each of us.

This post will take time to finish all of it. I invite you to ask your Heavenly Father to testify to YOU of the things you will hear and see.

This first video is from the Come Follow Me lessons for this week. This was taught by Tom Pettit. There are so many good teachers out there teaching these lessons on YouTube. Tom is one of our favorites. I felt his message was so so good. He made suggestions of other talks and even a movie to watch. For your ease, they are included. Please take your time to go through this.

We live in very tumultuous times. Everyone one of us has trials and challenges in our lives. Most of us have experienced, are experiencing and all of us will yet experience faith and soul searching challenges.

The Lord Jesus Christ in answer to Joseph Smith asking."O Lord where art thou?' gave us sections 121-122 specifically. I believe that his answer might even be more for us as we go through the events leading to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

How often do we find ourselves thinking or even asking this same question? Do we feel as if the Heavens are closed? Do we feel we are asked to go through things alone? I testify the He is with us every step of the way.

I believe this is why our Prophet Pres. Nelson is trying so hard to teach us to learn how to "Hear Him."

Tom Pettit. Come Follow Me Lesson D&c 121-122. 46 minutes

Next is the movie he invites you to watch. Good family entertainment with such a great story.

Out of Liberty Full Length movie. 1 hour and 52 minutes

A song we had never heard before. Again with such a great message.

Song "O God Where Art Thou?"

Then of course a special message delivered by Elder Holland. Even if you have heard this before we Invite you to take time and listen again.

Elder Holland Lessons from Liberty Jail. 44 minutes

Of course this message about Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ would not be complete without listening to "Praise to the Man"

Song "Praise to the Man"

And then I belive that this messaged from President Nelson ties in this all so much.

Russel M. Nelson "Now is the time to prepare". 17 minutes

We testify that although we have, we are, and we yet will go through much. If we keep Jesus Christ with us we will then "Endure it Well" and receive tremendous rewards from our Heavenly Parents and the Savior Jesus Christ. And all that we go through will be for our good.

In the name of Jesus Christ.

All our love. Debbie and Steven Larsen

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Sylvia Cisneros
Sylvia Cisneros
25 de out. de 2021

Thank you bishop ❤

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