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November 14, 2021: A ministering message: Hope, Faith, Miracles, Love, Thankfulness.

Our dear family and friends. We hope and pray that this message will find each of you healthy, happy, living with hope.

We are in some difficult times. Political strife, Pandemic, Supply Shortages, Inflation. It seems as if the whole world let alone this country is in turmoil and upheaval. It is as if there is just sadness, despair, and no hope.

We testify that this just isn't so. The world and our lives can be full of miracles, joy, happiness, love. It is a very exciting time to be alive on planet earth! For all the bad and evil out there, The Lord has promised us that there is even more goodness to counterbalance the bad. It usually is found with one person at a time.

Are you taking advantage of these blessings and miracles? Do we show the Lord that we "Love Him" by obeying his commandments? Do we pray for His love to extend through us towards others? Do we find ways to serve others? Do we serve with our ministering assignments? Do we faithfully serve in our callings? Do we attempt to GO to church as often as we can? Do we pray? Do we "Feast upon the words of Christ"? Do we pray for and work towards and expect miracles in our lives?

Following are just a few videos to help us remember the Love of Jesus Christ. Songs of Thankfulness. Songs of the birth and life of Jesus Christ. We hope and pray that you will be uplifted and the Spirit will bring peace, and especially the Love of Jesus Christ into your heart.

With gratitude, we need so much to recognize that HE is here with us now. In Joy and in pain and trouble and especially in Joy and Happiness. We always need HIM.

Do you sometimes feel as if you never seem to accomplish any good? Of help to anyone?

So in all that we do and in all that we say. It's our earnest prayer that you will let us join with you in trying to be like Jesus.

We testify that Our Redemer does live. He and our Heavenly Parents love each of us. Turn your hearts and souls and actions to them. In them, you will be blessed with many many miracles in the dark times that lay ahead. HE is the light that will guide through the darkness. for HE is the Christ

With all our love and His Holy name, even Jesus the Christ. Amen

Debbie & Steven Larsen

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