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May 16, 2021: A ministering message. Priesthood, Women

My dear family and friend. It is amazing how fast time seems to fly once we get past March. Here we are in the middle of May already.

This past week I had the wonderful blessing of several friends stopping by to visit me at work. It sure made my week much much more wonderful. One of my extra special visitors was a young husband and wife and their 16th (I think) month-old son. This young couple worked with me at BYU. They were assigned a special area during the football games because they took care of the Patrons so well. The powers to be over that area in the "Blue Zone" each game asked me if they would be there to serve them. We don't get requests like that very often.

This good young wife mentioned howe she missed learning from when attending school. Her husband has two more years of graduate school. She is a stay-at-home mom. And from what I can determine is doing a wonderful job. I wasn't totally sure if the following was the direction I should take this week. But after visiting with her I feel that quiet peaceful feeling this is the correct subject. So S... part of this message the Lord is specifically sharing for you and your desire to be learning. These all are so appropriate whether you are a woman or a man. I hope you each learn and are filled with knowledge from the Holy Spirit. The invitation is open to each of you.

A Certain Woman (Song by Shawna Edwards)

Certain women served the Lord with all they had.Certain women bathed His feet with tears.And one reached out to touch Him with her trembling hands,With faith He'd make her whole, and silence all her fears.Certain women anguished while He suffered thereOn a cross of untold grief and pain.A certain woman was the first to see the risen LordAnd hear Him speak her name.

I didn't have to walk with Him or see His face to know the light and life He freely gives. Two thousand years have gone, and still, I sing His praise, For I am certain that He lives.

Certain women serve Him with unwavering faith. Certain women leave the world behind. One by one, we come before the throne of grace, Certain He will be merciful and kind. Certain through the struggles and the storms of life.Certain in the darkest hours I knowThat He who suffered every pain and bought me with a price will someday make me whole.

I didn't have to walk with Him or see His face to know the light and life He freely gives. Two thousand years have gone, and still, I sing His praise, For I am certain, I am certain that He lives.

And someday I will walk with Him and see His face and thank Him for everything He gives. But now it is enough for me to walk by faith, For I am certain that He lives.I am certain that He lives.

Following is a series of a few "15-minute fireside" These are some discussions/lessons by Racheal Ladd Patterson

And one more for now from sister Patterson

This is a short one from Barbara Morgan Gardner. Who wrote the book "The Priesthood Power of Women":

President Russel M. Nelson made the following comment during his talk to the women of the church October 5th 2019

President Nelson asked Latter-day Saint women to study prayerfully all the truths they can find about priesthood power. “As your understanding increases and as you exercise faith in the Lord and His priesthood power, your ability to draw upon this spiritual treasure that the Lord has made available to you will increase. As you do so, you will find yourselves better able to help create eternal families that are united, sealed in the temple of the Lord, and full of love for our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.”

His full talk is shown below

So S... I sincerely hope this gives you something to think about and the invitation to LEARN about priesthood power. And to all the men out there I encourage each of you to also learn about priesthood power and the blessings of the priesthood.

I testify that God lives. His Son and our elder brother Jesus love each of you as does the Father. They stand with open arms to welcome you. I invite each of you and myself to seek His face. I invite you to search the scriptures so as the Holy Ghost can testify to you that He Jesus is the very Christ! It is only through his name that salvation and exaltation come. They love you. They want to bless you. Humble and ask.

We (Debbie and I) love each of you. He is in control, yet he lets man exercise the precious gift of agency. He will stand with you in righteousness.

Love you all

Steve and Debbie

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