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June 13. 2021: A ministering message: Failure, Loneliness, Hardships,

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

My dear family and friends. I pray that this short message finds each of you healthy and happy.

Just why the good Lord has me writing these other than to help me hear him I do not know. I hope that for at least one person there is some value that will help you feel closer to the Lord.

Claire Crosby 7 years old. I know that my redeemer lives

Do you ever feel as if you are alone? Even though you might have family, friends, roommates, or others around you. Do you feel alone in your thoughts and your feelings? Does this cause despair, anxiety, feelings of uselesness even wondering if you are doing any good in your life. Does the stress of life, your job your health make life seem so hard. It causes you to wonder if your Heavenly Father is even there. I testify that HE is there. I further testify that HIS son Jesus Christ is there for you also.

A child's prayer

(when this opens click watch on you tube)THE PRAYER / SAVIOR REDEEMER of My Soul

I invite you to watch this video, but first, read this short note about Richard and then watch his video explain his situation.

"When Richard went from a comfortable existence to living in a small apartment with his wife and young son, he realized he was a victim of his poor choices. He’s grateful for the challenges that helped him grow and learn from the Lord. It took a while. At first, Richard wanted to blame everyone else for his financial misfortune. When he realized that he was the problem and that he alone was responsible for the consequences of his poor decisions, he also realized that he was the answer. He felt torturous anxiety for his plight and saw no way out. He prayed and prayed often. He knew he was loved by those around him, but he also felt imprisoned in a dark tunnel with no light at the end. In time, he talked with others in similar situations to get their advice. One friend suggested that for 10 days he make a list of 50 things for which he was grateful. After the 10 days, he felt blessed and more confident, but he was still weighed down with burdensome darkness. Another friend suggested he needed to learn to love himself and treat himself daily to something that made him happy, such as time spent with family and in nature. All these things helped lift his spirits to take heart for his challenge. At times, he reflected on a placard from his childhood: “God doesn’t make no junk.” And he wasn’t junk. He meditated on counsel from Church leaders to pray like all depended on heaven and to work like everything depended on him. “That’s what I did,” he said. He knew he couldn’t change the past, but he could go forward with humility. As he cared for his wife and son and saw to their happiness, he noticed the darkness lifting and peace returning. He examined the Savior’s example in scripture, how He fasted for strength and direction. Richard began fasting one day a week for four years. Now, more than seven years later, Richard feels he and his family have emerged from their challenges. “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” he said. “But I wouldn’t change a thing. It was during this time that I learned that no matter how high the mountains are or how great the obstacles, we can overcome. “I’m so grateful I went through those challenges,” he says. “Instead of edging God out of my life and blaming everything on Him, I took advantage of those trials to become closer to Him, to become more of the person He wants me to be.” Remember, he said, “God don’t make no junk.”

Have you ever felt like a failure?

Listen as the spirit testifies to you of the Love your Heavenly Father has for each of us.

God Loved us, so he sent his Son

I now invite you to listen to Elder Holland testify of the utter agony our Savior went through as he worked through HIS atonement and ultimately faced it utterly alone. Can we draw strength knowing that He has descended below all? He knows every hurt, sorrow, feeling of despair that any and all of us collectively have ever felt. HE knows how to heal the wounded heart. HE knows how to bring you comfort if you will let him in.

HE lives, He loves each of us. It does not matter what wrong you have committed or are even now going through. HE loves you regardless and has prepared a way back to Him and the Father.

Elder Holland

We love each of you and pray for you. We ask our Heavenly Father's choicest blessing be given to you in your hour of need and at all times. In Jesus'

name. Amen

Debbie and Steven Larsen

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