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March 27, 2021 A Ministering Message

Dear Family and Friends,

As I pondered the thought of Easter arriving next week, and the fact that we have general conference. I invite you to take time and watch or listen.

An opportunity to listen to Prophets and Apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ. My thoughts turned to the Savior. I do not feel we can ever talk of Christ enough or think of Christ enough.

With that in mind the impression I felt are first a wonderful song “Come Unto Christ” I invite you to seek the spirit and feel his impressions as you listen to this song.

This past week Elder Kyle McKay spoke at the BYU devotional. His talk is so important and one I strongly invite you to listen to.

Next I invite you to listen to another powerful song about Jesus Christ.

Now this talk lasts about an hour and a half. I invite you to find time during this week to learn more about the atonement of Jesus Christ as spoken by Cleon Skousen relating teaching of Elder Widstoe. This was given at a Mission Conference in Texas in 1980,

Then a song I have included 2 or 3 times in earlier ministering messages.. But, it fills me with the spirit. I pray it does it for you also.

We love and pray for each of you. May the good Lord bless you with peace and an increase of the Love of Christ this week as you prepare to be taught by his Prophets and Apostles.

We testify the Jesus is the Christ!!! He and the Father loves each one of us. No matter how wicked or unworthy you or I feel. They love us.

We testify of this in his holy name,

Even Jesus Christ.


Steve and Debbie Larsen

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